Before we can describe Satin Notes we have to let you know about the reasons we chose to set the stories in Trescott Cove and Savoy Valley.

Taige created a town she decided to call Savoy Valley. She wrote a few stories in Savoy Valley and fell in love with the town and it's ... well unique residents. Her excitement of Savoy Valley grew as she wrote more and more of the inhabitants.

Around the same time McKenna created Trescott Cove and wrote a short read set in the town. McKenna was drawn into the lives of the town and the people there. She instinctively knew that there was much more of the town and the residents to explore. McKenna started creating more novels based in the Trescott Cove and with each she was getting more and more hooked on the town and the people. 

Aliyah was roped in with bribery from Taige and McKenna to come and play with them in these towns. After Aliyah got to know the towns and the residents she also was caught up in the feelings the towns created.

Then the thoughts started.  Aliyah, McKenna, and Taige all have the same belief; they wanted to show their appreciation to their readers. Well Taige being the more wild thinker of the group came up with a concept of Satin Notes. She went after Aliyah and McKenna to come and take a jump with her in this endeavor that she was dreaming. The only words Taige said was "I'm going to ask you to take a jump with me." Even before the words were finished being spoken Aliyah in her graciousness said "where are we jumping to". McKenna said "You know I'm in." Neither asked for the details first they just jumped with Taige on this journey.

Taige explained about Savoy Valley the one town they could build more in. McKenna volunteered the use of Trescott Cove so they would have two places to play in. Aliyah came up with the first idea for the story they could use to set in Trescott Cove. She had written a  story called A Jem for Chad and wanted to do another based around the same characters. McKenna and Taige had read the story and were in agreement it would be the perfect story to start them off.  They got to work together and Wanted: A Christmas Wish a continuation of Jem and Chad ís story was given as an Christmas present exclusively to their various chat groups.

In addition to the free reads here on Satin Notes, all the authors will also on occasion be writing more novels based in the towns of Trescott Cove and Savoy Valley for publication with various publishers. They love the towns and enjoy writing stories in them.

Satin Notes was created due to Aliyah, McKenna, and Taige's desire to join together to bring you a site for you, our loyal readers.


Enjoy the reads and come back to visit Satin Notes often.


Aliyah, McKenna, and Taige


What exactly is Satin Notes?

Satin Notes is a site for us to give our readers a "thank you" for all the years of wonderful support by offering them free reads


What is the books setting?

They are set in either the towns of Trescott Cove or Savoy Valley.


What genre are the books?

The books span all genres of fiction. They can vary throughout both contemporary, suspense, paranormal, futuristic, historical and so on.


Who writes the books?

All three authors contribute to each book that is released on the Satin Notes site:  McKenna Jefferies, Aliyah Burke, and Taige Crenshaw.


Where did the idea for SATIN NOTES come from?

Aliyah Burke,  McKenna Jefferies, and Taige Crenshaw wanted to do something special to show their appreciation to their readers. Thus Satin Notes was born. They have  joined forces to bring you a site for you, their loyal readers.


When will (insert book title) and/or (insert character name) be available and/or written?

If you send any questions on when a book/books or character/characters will have their story or made available again the response will be the following:

"We do not have any dates or information at this time."

This will be our response every time asked. This response will also be the same for any  previous books which have been removed to be reformatted. 


Do Aliyah, McKenna and Taige write for a living?

Aliyah spends her days writing, training dogs, and being a military wife.


McKenna works full time but looks forward to when she can come home and get lost in her writing.


Taige works full time and when she gets home she lets her demanding muse free and they create stories together.


What are there websites? 

Check out  The Authors page for there websites and chat groups.


All characters, towns, places and events are from the authorís imagination

and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or

dead, events or places is coincidental.


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