Cami's Surrender by Aliyah Burke, McKenna Jeffries, and Taige Crenshaw

Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Series: Trescott Cove - Book 2

Length: Novel

Price: Free
Publication Date: January 4, 2008  - February 29, 2008
Cover art by
MMJ Designs

A head-strong woman and a powerful man. Who will surrender first?

Will surrender bring a brief delicious surprise or a temptation that lasts for a lifetime?

Robert Chadwick Jr., is used to women wanting him for his money. Usually he takes what he wants and moves on to the next willing woman. Yet, when he meets Cami, her abrasive and standoffish attitude makes him want to touch her in every way possible. Some that should even be declared illegal. The aphrodisiac that is Camilla Maxwell makes him want to figure out how to make her rare smiles happen because of him.  At first he wants the fire she has, then she makes him long for the one thing he never thought he would - a relationship.  

Camilla Maxwell has never seen anything so tempting as Robert Chadwick Jr. She is used to being in control of all aspects of her life. At least until she looked into his emerald green gaze. His eyes make promises of pleasure and so much more. But Cami knows she is not foolish enough to fall for any man. She has built a reputation of being a uncaring and will keep it that way. No matter how tempting he is. No matter how she wants to strip him bare and take all he has to offer. She will get around Robert’s uncanny way of getting under her protective wall and bringing out a side of her she had believed to be buried. She will resist him…or at least try.  

When a determined man meets an equally determined woman there is only one thing to do. Surrender to the inevitable and hold on for the ride….

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