Kismet by Aliyah Burke, McKenna Jeffries, and Taige Crenshaw

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Savoy Valley - Book 3

Length: Novel
Price: Free
Publication Date: March 20, 2009 - May 8, 2009
Cover art by
MMJ Designs


A woman in hiding and a hunter…what happens when they encounter one another?

Adamek “Dak” Nervig has arrived in Savoy Valley to visit an old friend. A lone hunter of things foul and evil, Dak is unwittingly drawn in by a quiet woman who needs protection. The beast normally quiet within him roars to life upon their first meeting, and he begins to wonder if the hunter has just become the hunted.

Kaida Miah Ayre is scared. Chased by ater malum, soul-eaters, the creatures who had murdered her mother, she has come, however reluctantly, to Savoy Valley and accepted the protection offered. Yet when she meets a man whose aura is very intense, and who makes her feel things she never believed she could experience, Kaida wonders if it’s just another ploy to get close to her and hurt her. She must come to terms with who and what she truly is.
Despite the suspicion and tension between them, passion erupts. They must learn to trust one another, and to trust in the powers they both possess, in order to defeat something much worse than they could have imagined. Ice, wind, and even fire… when the smoke clears, they will see it was inevitable for them to be together. It’s Kismet.


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