Magnetism by Aliyah Burke, McKenna Jeffries, and Taige Crenshaw

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Savoy Valley - Book 1

Length: Novel
Price: Free
Publication Date: March 7, 2008 - April 25, 2008
Cover art by
MMJ Designs

When death comes calling and you live, you can withstand anything life throws in your path. Even the most tempting man imaginable, who will change the very foundation of all you believe. 

Despite being told she imagined it, Kira Winters knows what she saw that dark night her life changed. Beings that should be myths. The same creatures that took her newly found brother and almost her life. One thing kept her alive – the need for vengeance. When a man comes to her confirming all she saw, and surprising her with a revelation that rocks her world, Kira does not know what to believe. It doesn't matter that her body cries out to be taken by this man, who seems to be the very thing that she despises most. There is no way she can give in to the call of her most basic need and forget what she needs to do--find those who tried to kill her and make them pay.

Heller Sidorov knows that getting emotionally involved with Kira Winters is the worst thing he could possibly do. Being able to resist her is another thing entirely. In his line of work, involvement can get you killed, or be used as a weapon to control you. Kira may claim to hate him, but her scent tells a different story. Her eyes give away the need she feels despite all her denials. They should not mix business with pleasure. Usually, he is able to resist the temptation. But one taste of Kira led to too many to count, and then a whole heap of trouble. If he could avoid her, he might be able to keep from ripping her clothes off and taking her every way possible. But he does not have that option. They both agree on terms to fulfill their animal attraction--terms that clearly state, while they search for those who tried to kill her, they will fulfill all their fantasies, erotic and otherwise. Once they complete what they must do, they will walk away from each other.

Yet, even as he agrees, Heller knows that, for his kind, there is no walking away. There’s no escape from the Magnetism that binds them.

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