Rekindled by Aliyah Burke, McKenna Jeffries, and Taige Crenshaw

Genre: Paranormal

Series: Savoy Valley - Book 5

Length: Novel
Price: Free
Publication Date: July 1, 2011 - August 26, 2011
Cover art by
MMJ Designs


Knowing each other and having history can help you on the path to reclaim what you have lost.

Bram Adofo has returned home to claim the one woman who knows him inside out. Yet, with their past history and hurt between them, it’s a task that will take time, seduction, and most importantly, regaining trust that has been decimated. He knows that Richela is worth it, yet he’s impatient to have this woman who is in his heart, soul, and very blood. Richela is not a woman easily swayed, but he’ll not walk away again. This time, he’s going to be there for forever and beyond.

Richela barely lived through the loss of Bram once. Letting him close again makes her leery, but she cannot walk away from this man who she knows is hers…only hers. If they are to have a future, they must face their past--a past wrought with pain, words left unspoken, and Bram leaving her. His reasons for leaving are of no consequence, and this time, she cannot allow it to happen again. He makes her heart beat. They are a match to each others’ soul…in each others’ blood. This time, she won’t let him go. She will bind him to her… and if he does get away, she will hunt him down and make him know that she is not a woman you walk away from.

With history behind them, Bram and Richela will have to embrace their future and keep it Rekindled….


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